1. Supporting Sub-Saharan Municipalities with Sustainable Energy Transitions  
  2. Strategies for Sustainable Energy Transitions for urban Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Sixty years of Energy Transition in Urban South Africa: The changing ‘Energy underclass
  4. Networking the African city: the challenges of electrifying urban informal settlements in Cape Town
  5. The Role of Community Development in Addressing the Challenges encountered in access to Electricity in Ashaiman Slums
  6. The Use of Solar Electricity in Informal Settlements
  7. Transition Management in Energy Transition among Informal Settlements in Ghana and South Africa
  8. The Governance of Energy Transitions in Cities: a non-institutionalist perspective from Kampala City in Uganda
  9. Microfinance and Decentralised Polycentric Governance Approaches for Addressing Africa’s Twin Development Challenges of Reducing Climate Change Vulnerability and Improving Renewable Energy Deployment
  10. Sustainable Energy Transitions in urban Sub-Saharan Africa: Lesson from Research in Six Municipalities
  11. The role of gender in urban energy transitions
  12. Decentralization: The Key for Mass Access to Modern Energy Services
  13. Solar photovoltaic street lamps : A Sustainable Energy Transition Strategy for the cities of Sub-Saharan Africa ?
  14. Modelling the Urban Energy Future of Sub-Saharan Africa
  15. Spatial Pattern Of Household Energy use in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria
  16. Sustainable Energy use in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria
  17. Public Buildings As Beacons Of Energy Efficiency : A Key Strategy For Local Governments To Champion Energy Efficiency
  18. Zero Degrees of Separation: Changing the Direction of Architecture one Building at a Time

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